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Welcome to Greenwood Herbals

We are now accepting applications for the 2014 apprenticeship program.    

We are no longer shipping international orders.   

Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens.  It is the place to learn about plant medicine and all the great herbal products and herbs that Greenwood Herbals has to offer.

Order Greenwood Herbals Products on-line or visit us in Limerick, Me.

Winter hours:
Oct. 1 - Apr. 30th

Thurs. - Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m 

Summer hours:
June 1 - Sept.  30th

Thurs. - Sunday 10 5 p.m.   

Monday through Wednesday by appointment only. 

Greenwood Herbals store offers  all products on this site,  plus much more...  Herbal Consultation, Herbs for health, food and for personal care.  Before you leave make sure you take a walk through the gardens and the Labyrinth

Events, Guests and Classes are also available.  Check on the link below for listings.   Events & Classes

We are also  featuring other locally made products and services. 


Apprenticeship Class of 2012


Waiver of Liability
Clients are reminded that it is their personal right and responsibility to make educated choices in their own and their family's health care.   Greenwood Herbals does not make these choices for the client but provides educational resources in the historic and traditional uses of herbs.

Only a physician (MD) can diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for illness.   The role of the herbalist in any healing process is not  to consider a client's individual systems but to consider a client  as a whole person and to consult the client concerning lifestyle, diet, and herbal recommendations


We do not ship international orders.




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