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Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. A place to learn about health & wellness, plant medicine, history and harvesting from nature.  Use the form on the right to contact us!


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Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth, and gardens.  A place to learn about health and wellness, plant medicine, history, and harvesting from nature. 



Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. A place to learn about health & wellness, plant medicine, history and harvesting from nature.

We are now accepting applications for Greenwood's Herbalist Apprenticeship and Clinical programs!

Each student that completes a course will receive a certificate which includes all hours worked towards the program.

Payment plans are available for each program.

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Class is now taking applications.  


Interest in basic herbal medicine
Ability to perform physical activities outdoors
Availability on all scheduled class dates + field hours

The apprenticeship at Greenwood Herbals is a 7-month program that will meet one weekend per month, April through October.  This is a beginner’s hands-on program.  The focus will be on native plant identification and use, and to learn how to work with plants in our daily lives. 

Students will spend time in the garden, field and forest, classroom and kitchen. Students must be physically able to hike through wild areas of the forest, wetlands and hilly terrain, tolerate working in the hot sun and rain, and be willing and able to devote 45 hours (3 hours per week) outside of class in structured hands-on study here at Greenwood Herbals. You will work closely with the other participants in the program; sometimes all together, other times in smaller groups depending on the projects being done. Upon completion of this Level I program, you should be on your way to being able to provide herbal support for yourself and your family's basic health needs, preparing herbal medicines. Graduates of this program are also fully prepared for advanced herbal studies.

 Click here for details and application

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Adult Advanced/Clinical Class (Level 2)


Interest in clinical aspect of herbalism
Certificate or documentation of completion of a beginner/intermediate course
Availability on scheduled class dates

This advanced program is a 6 month course that meets one weekend a month. It will teach you the basics of clinical herbalism, which is seeing clients and assisting in their road to health and wellness. You will learn Chinese facial and tongue diagnostics as well as methods used by famous herbalists such as Margi Flint.
Debbie will show you her process of reading the face, tongue, pulses and other indicators on each person.
Guest teachers will also be incorporated in the program. The 2018 guest teachers were Maria Noel-Groves, Chris Kucsma and Jessica Laurin.

The purpose of this class is to start becoming comfortable with seeing clients and suggesting herbal products for them.
Remember, we are not medical professionals and should never diagnose an illness on the client.

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Advanced Clinical (Level 3)

This advanced program is a 4 month course that meets one Saturday a month, with additional clinical observation hours. You will bring in your clients for pre-scheduled observation intakes one-on-one with Debbie Mercier, as well as consulting with her on protocols. You will develop your herbal business plan as well as discussion around ethics and code of conduct. Examples will be given on how to set-up your consultation space. Advanced nutrition topics to use with clients will be discussed, including fermentation. Upon completion of this program you should have developed all necessary documents pertaining to seeing clients, as well as a marketing strategy and business plan. The purpose of this class is to become completely independent as an herbalist and put your learning into practice.

Pre-requisite: levels 1 & 2.DEADLINE DECEMBER 15th LIMITED SPACE

Applications can be found HERE

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Waiver of Liability
Clients are reminded that it is their personal right and responsibility to make educated choices in their own and their family's health care. Greenwood Herbals does not make these choices for the client but provides educational resources in the historic and traditional uses of herbs.

Only a physician (MD) can diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for illness. The role of the herbalist in any healing process is not to consider a client's individual systems but to consider a client as a whole person and to consult the client concerning lifestyle, diet, and herbal recommendations