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Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. A place to learn about health & wellness, plant medicine, history and harvesting from nature.  Use the form on the right to contact us!


561 Parsonsfield Rd
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Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth, and gardens.  A place to learn about health and wellness, plant medicine, history, and harvesting from nature. 



Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. A place to learn about health & wellness, plant medicine, history and harvesting from nature.

2018 Schedule Coming soon!

APRIL 2018

  • *RESCHEDULED FOR MAY 5th 10am*


  • Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday, April 28th-29th 9am-5pm. Saturday and Sunday, May 12th-13th 9am-5pm. See "apprenticeships" tab for applications and additional information.


MAY 2018





Peace of Mind Thermography and Wellness
10am-11:00am Thyroid Health Seminar $35.
Thermography Clinic 11:30 - 5:30pm

Schedule a scan and the seminar is free!

Thermograms available, following the seminar.

For questions about this event and scheduling you may contact us at:
Peace of Mind Thermography and Wellness

Thermography—also known as DITI—is a noninvasive, painless, and safe adjunctive diagnostic procedure in which a Meditherm infrared camera is used to record thermal patterns and temperature variations on the surface of the body, producing real-time digital images (thermograms) that reveal sites of physiologic dysfunction and/or abnormal tissue growth, as well as nerve and vascular changes that are invisible to xray and MRI.

A thermogram can be taken of the whole body or a region of interest, such as the breast, abdomen, or carotid. The digital images are compiled and sent electronically to a certified thermologist/MD for interpretation and reporting. Within a few days, the color images and report are sent to you as well as your referring practitioner, if desired.

Thermography is the only method presently available for visualizing pain and is unique in its capability to show physiologic change and metabolic process
Schedule an appointment for one of the following:
First Breast Series - If you have never had a breast thermogram before; includes your baseline imaging and your 90 follow up imaging: $325

Annual Breast Series- If you have had a thermogram in previous years and you are doing your yearly follow up imaging:

Half Body Series - This includes 3 regions of interest(abdomen, legs, hands, thyroid, feet, arms, head, neck):

Full Body Series - This includes images of the entire body, upper body, abdomen, lower body. This does not include the breast series.

Full Body Series + First Breast Series - This includes full body imaging and your baseline breast imaging and your 90 follow up imaging(this is if you have never had a breast thermogram before) - $650

Full Body Series + Annual Breast Series - This includes full body imaging and your annual breast thermogram(if you have had a baseline or previous breast thermogram) -

  • Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday, May 26th-27th 9am-5pm. 
  • Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday, May 12th-13th 9am-5pm. See "apprenticeships" tab for applications and additional information.


About Pat Trotter: Pat has been an ongoing student of Herbalism since 1998. Her passion for the earth and our wellbeing is the driving force in her life. Please check out her website - 


  • Sharing a Sense of Sacredness- Saturday May 19th 9am-1pm

        description:come and hear how Pat creates her personal ceremony and connection to this earth. Learn her perspective of our relationship to the Wheel of Life (4 directions), Our Relations (plants and animals), and our Senses that are all interwoven in our personal beings. *Book is included - this includes her perspective, and simple exercises toward opening to our selves and those energies around us.  To learn more about Pat Trotter visit her website

        Cost: $55.00 Pre-Registration required. Tickets may be purchased in advance HERE


  • Simpler Clean Workshop- Sunday May 20th, 2018 9am-12 noon

Come and hear about those ‘cleaning' products on the store shelf and the hidden toxins they contain! Learn how they are effecting our physical wellbeing and our earth. *A booklet is included in the cost that gives information on the top toxins what we can do to create a healthier home web sites, bibliography and recipes for you to make.I look forward to a lively discussion on this subject! There will be products/Materials for sale during the class. To learn more about Pat Trotter visit her website

Products made by Pat will be available for purchase.

Here is a partial list of products that i will have on hand for sale-


1. Clear View - $4.- / 8oz window wash spritz.

2. Dusting spritz - $4- / 4oz. glass spritz

3. Fresh Step - Carpet deodorizer - $4-/ 8oz 

4. Laundry Powder - $8-/ 

5. Static Free - $2- / 2 bags

6. Dish Soap - $8- / 16oz.

7. Dishwasher Powder Soap - $5-/ 8oz tub

8. Gentle Scrub - $5-/ 8oz. squeeze bottle

9. Toilet bombs (Bombs - Away) - $8/ jar of 16

10. Whole House Clean Spritz - $8-/ 16oz.

11. Air Fresheners - Antimicrobial, Fresh Air, Linen Fresh - $6-/2oz. spritz

12. Bugs be Gone (for bed bugs, dust mites, fleas, etc.) $6-/ 8oz. powder

13. Desiccant - $2-/ 2 bags


There are MANY different recipes she could make…while in class Pat will take orders to specific needs/amounts as well.

              Cost: $55.00 Pre-registration required. Tickets may be purchased in advance HERE


JUNE 2018


  • Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday, June 3oth-July 1st 9am-5pm
  • Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday, June 23rd-24th 9am-5pm


JULY 2018


  • Herbal Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday July 21st-22nd 9am-5pm
  • Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday July 28th-29th 9am-5pm
  • A Weekend With Deb Fate-Mental: Transformational Work Through Shamanism with Plant & Spirit Allies Saturday & Sunday July 14th-15th 10am-5pm

Deb will lead participants through a series of shamanic journeys, exercises and transformational ritual work. Shamanic journeying is an ancient technique for healing and divination that fits easily into modern life. 

Participants will learn 

  •  how to use the shamanic drum journey to meet spirit allies and  for personal divination and healing, both physical and energetic
  • good question formulation
  • protection, boundary, clearing and grounding techniques
  • how to work with personal spirit allies for healing
  • how to journey to and work with plant spirits for information and healing
  • if time allows I may talk about the Fae a bit!

We will also work as a group with certain plant spirits and end with a ritual.

*Please bring a bagged lunch, snacks and beverage.

Workshop fee: $250 for the weekend

Deb may also bring some drumming cd's and clearing sprays with her for sale!


Purchase your tickets in advance  HERE



Deb Fate-Mental is an archetypal Wise Woman and has been in practice for almost a decade. Her healing expertise combines traditional plant lore with authentic, old-fashioned shamanism and spiritual healing.  Deb helps people Remember themselves via healings, classes and readings so they may re-connect with Nature and the Divine.  Deb is available for in-person healings and divination in Hopkinton, MA and distance via Skype or phone.   Aside from healing work, Deb is working on a book and is a Druid-in-training.

What Deb has to say about what she does…

“When I am performing a healing or when I am teaching what I’m really doing is bringing that person into alignment and connection, more specifically nature connection (or interspecies connection) and remembering. That is the current under everything I do. It’s there and it’s what I’m really conveying when I see a client and when I teach. The people who respond the best, whether they’re students or clients, are open to and understand that connection and remember. It’s also what makes me super-fun to have as a teacher and it’s what makes me a powerful healer. It’s what that light is when I work; I remember and can shine out or become that connectedness. It’s imperative that we remember this. That we remember we’re all one family; that we all live on this Earth together in community and we’re all connected. We’ve forgotten this for a very, very long time.”





  • Natural Fermentation 101 with Carla Roppolo-Simard Saturday August 4th 10:30-2:30 61 Laine's Way Porter, In this class we will discuss and learn the simple techniques of making your own naturally fermented pickles. Together we will be making Sauerkraut, as well as a creation of your own. In this class we will also be sampling previously made ferments and talk about recipes and possible ways to incorporate them into your diet. Discussion about gut health and the benefits of adding fermented foods into your diet will take place during this class, including how fermentations break down to easily digested forms and the incorporation of beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and various strains of probiotics. Please bring a notepad, pen, cutting board, sharp knife, large mixing bowl, peeler, grater as well as 2- one pint canning jars (preferably wide-mouth). All the food ingredients will be provided. $40 per person. Buy tickets for this workshop here:



  • Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday August 11th-12th 9am-5pm
  • Advanced Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday August 18th-19th 9am-5pm




  • Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday September 8th-9th 9am-5pm
  • Advanced Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday September 15th-16th 9am-5pm




  • Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday October 13th-14th 9am-5pm
  • Advanced Herbalist Apprenticeship Saturday and Sunday October27th-28th 9am-5pm


Waiver of Liability
Clients are reminded that it is their personal right and responsibility to make educated choices in their own and their family's health care. Greenwood Herbals does not make these choices for the client but provides educational resources in the historic and traditional uses of herbs.

  • Only a physician (MD) can diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for illness. The role of the herbalist in any healing process is not to consider a client's individual systems but to consider a client as a whole person and to consult the client concerning lifestyle, diet, and herbal recommendations