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Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. A place to learn about health & wellness, plant medicine, history and harvesting from nature.  Use the form on the right to contact us!


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Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth, and gardens.  A place to learn about health and wellness, plant medicine, history, and harvesting from nature. 



Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. A place to learn about health & wellness, plant medicine, history and harvesting from nature.

Join Sarah for this amazing event!

Join Sarah for this amazing event!

2019 Schedule

January 2019

  • Beginning of Advanced Clinical (Level 3) The advanced clinical 3 program is formulated to help herbalists, who have already graduated the Apprenticeship and Clinical 2 program, to focus on business building. By the end of this program Herbalists will create a business plan, mission statement, experience solo intake process, learn advanced nutrition information and walk away with the confidence to start their own business. This program runs January- May. Applications can be found here: Advanced 3 Application APPLICATIONS DUE BY DECEMBER 15TH-SPACE IS VERY LIMITED. Dates: January 19th (snow date 26th) February 16th (Snow date 23rd) March 16 (snow date 23) April 6th, May 11th. 


April 2019

  • Apprenticeship Begins (Level 1) This program runs April-October. Please see application for further details and dates for this wonderful program. Applications can be found here: Apprenticeship application

    Dates: April 27&28

    May 18&19

    June 29&30

    July 27&28

    August 17&18

    September 28&29

    October 19&20

May 2019

  • Advanced Clinical Apprenticeship (Level 2) This program runs May-October. Pre-requite is the Level 1 Apprenticeship completion. This program is set up to help herbalists who want to practice on a clinical level gain basic skill and begin assessment work. You will also learn advanced techniques for medicine making and energetics. Applications can be found here: Level 2 Application

    Dates: May 4&5

    June 1&2

    July 13&14

    August 10&11

    September 7&8

    October 12&13

June 2019

  • June 22nd 11-12:30. Book Signing with Maria Noel Groves. Join us for a day with Maria Noel-Groves where she will share her newly released book and sign copies for those interested in purchasing. Topic: The uplifting garden-growing mood enhancing uplifting herbs. $10 donation to the Maine Chapter of the AHG. Please register by emailing or calling 207-793-3553

    About the book:

    If you crave a backyard lush with medicinal herbs suited perfectly for your own health needs, this book is for you! Maria shares more than 50 of her favorite easy-to-grow healing plants in 23 themed healing gardens, chock full of recipes and remedies that you can make with those plants. Featuring both cultivated and common wild plants, this book will take your love for herbs a step further. The full-color, 300+ page book releases in March/April 2019. $24.95 Softcover

  • June 23rd 10-4. Oyster Mushroom cultivations. Hands-on class

    Join Chris Kucsma at Greenwood to learn basic oyster mushroom cultivation.

    We will be using pasteurized straw with hydrated lime to create a growing medium for Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). Using hydrated lime to raise pH and create a sterile medium we can grow oyster mushrooms easily without the need for a completely sterile work area like most mushroom cultivation requires.

    This class will review the basic steps of mushroom cultivation including:

    -Spawn and cultures
    -Growing medium and nutrients
    -Basic Sterilization (pasteurization) techniques
    -Inoculation of growing medium with spawn
    -Colonization of growing medium
    -Fruiting and subsequent use of growing medium

    Class cost: $60, includes materials. $40 for current students

July 2019

  • Childrens Herbals Program with Sarah Hart: CANCELLED

    SIGN-UP Deadline June 24th, 2019. email:


    Children’s Program:  8 - 12 years

    This program serves as in introduction for children to the world of herbalism as well as connection to plants and the outdoors.  Students will learn about gardening basics as well as leave no trace, responsible foraging, and explore subjects such as plant art, writing and plants, nature observation and exploration, and the plants of the area.  Subject matter will be differentiated according to age, with older students developing a focus project for the duration of the program.

    Youth Intensive: 12 - 18 years

    This program is ideal for the young person who has a passion for herbs/plants and wishes to explore identification and use of herbs and remedies important in the historical and traditional practice of herbalism.  Introduction to foraging, processing, and product creation with foundational introduction to actions of herbs and body systems, as well as safe herb use (checking sources, etc.) and organization of beginner’s Materia Medica.

    CLASS DATES:  Saturday, July 6, July 20th, and August 3rd


    Children’s Program:  9:00 am - 12:00 noon

    Youth Program: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Applications can be found HERE

    August 2019

  • August 4th Thermography, 10-4

    Prices vary, based on area of interest.

    For more information: visit

    To book an appoint email:

September 2019

  • Sunday September 22nd 10am-4pm $60 per person, ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED-LIMITED SPACE

    Identifying New England’s Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms with Greg Marley

    Most people interested in learning to collect and identify mushrooms are driven more by

    a hunger for their great edible potential than curiosity about their ecology. Maine offers a

    great opportunity to sustainably collect world-class edible mushrooms as you enjoy a

    walk through the woods and fields. The only thing standing in the way is having the

    knowledge and confidence to tell the good edible mushrooms from those that can sicken

    you. The good news is that there are a handful of common, easily identified, great

    edibles that can satisfy most peoples hunger for mushrooms.

    This day-long class is devoted to building the skills needed to identify common

    mushrooms and to begin a lifetime of of wild mushrooming. The class will combine

    lecture and outdoor experience to look at identification features, ecology and the seasonal

    occurrence of mushrooms. We will look at edible as well as common poisonous

    mushrooms and may end the day by cooking some of the mushrooms we find. Focus will

    be on learning of a few common edible and medicinal mushrooms and building skills for

    ongoing identification. Come prepared for a hike and to have a fun learning day.

    Participants are invited to bring fresh specimens of mushrooms from their own property.

    Class Agenda:

    1. Introduction: Mushroom Basics

    a. Life Cycle of a mushroom-producing fungi

    b. Ecological Roles of Mushrooms

    c. Classification of Fungi and Mushrooms

    2. Mushroom Morphology-Identification features

    a. The major groups of Mushrooms

    b. The identification features

    3. Guidelines for safe and responsible mushrooming

    4. Use of Mushrooms:

    a. Mushrooms as Food

    b. Mushrooms as Medicine

    c. Mushrooms as Poison


    1. Afternoon field learning and collection

    2. Concluding remarks and Wrap-up

    a. Where to go from here

    b. Cooking examples

    c. Resources for further learning

Please bring a bag lunch, water bottle, notebook and appropriate clothing for hiking.

Greg A Marley Bio

  • Greg Marley has been collecting, studying, eating, growing and teaching mushrooms for

    over 45 years. Marley has spread his love of mushrooms to hundreds through walks,

    talks and classes held across the New England over the past 20 years. He is the founder

    of Mushrooms for Health, a small company providing medicinal mushroom education

    and products made with Maine medicinal mushrooms. Marley is the author of

    Mushrooms for Health; Medicinal Secrets of Northeastern Fungi, (Downeast Books ,

    2009) and the award-winning Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares; The Love Lore

    and Mystic of Mushrooms, (Chelsea Green, 2010). As a volunteer mushroom

    identification consultant to Poison Centers across New England since 2001, Marley

    provides expertise in mushroom poisoning cases. He is a frequent lecturer to college

    groups and a mushrooming foray faculty member. When not mushrooming, Marley, is a

    clinical social worker and behavioral health consultant specializing in suicide prevention.

October 2019

October 6th 9:30-4:30 Spiritual Dowsing :Accessing Intuition & the Unseen Realms Workshop with Kat Beaudoin

This class is fun, informative and provides useful tools to access your intuition and the information embedded in the subtle energies that exist all around us. During this 6 hour class, we will learn about this ancient way to access knowledge, the Earth's Ley Lines and Energy Centers, AND


·      How to make and program a pendulum and dowsing rods

·      How to ask questions of the tools

·      We will review the ethics of using these tools to obtain intuitive information

·      We'll practice 

o   measuring our energy fields

o   clearing/balancing our chakras and

o   locating energy centers on the workshop site.

Bring a lunch, a note pad and pen. 


Cost is $90 for the day (includes the cost of materials to make a pendulum and pair of L-rods - roughly $25).  Part of the funds will be donated to the Maine Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. Additional donations accepted. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.


To register, contact Greenwood Herbals 207-793-3553


Kat Beaudoin, instructor, learned to dowse after she took a class at the Boston Architectural College on healing and therapeutic gardens.Her belief was that dowsing could assist her in finding the optimum location on a property for “intentional gardens – gardens for the soul and the greater good”.Her formal degree is in plant science. After a 35 year career in community planning, she took a one year sabbatical to visit sacred sites across the country. As an energy worker, she integrates shamanism, tai chi, qi gong, reiki and access consciousness-the bars. She lives in Gardiner with her dog Nutah, a certified therapy dog. Kat can be reached at 207-446-8099 or Visit her page at

Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 10 AM – 4 PM

Storyteller: An Event to Delight and Inspire

The time is now to retreat and re-awaken the creative spirit within us, taking lessons from the bardic and druidic path and our ancestors.

When I was young, I read the Arthurian Legends and marveled at the tales of Robin Hood. I was ecstatic at the epic of the Wizard of Oz and as a teen, lost myself in the heroism and adventure of DragonLance and Dungeons and Dragons. Today, as a teacher of elementary school students, I realize that while many of my students know who the latest you-tuber is, none of them can tell me who accompanied Dorothy to the Emerald City, or who Sir Lancelot or Little John was. As we progress towards new discoveries and make meaning of our growing social connections, it is important that we do not lose our connections to our mythos and our collective history. And while much of the classics of literature remain classics, at a time where it is easier to absorb information from the internet rather than create and connect to each-other in real time, in the real world, it is clear that efforts need to be made to reconnect to our creativity and redefine our idea of hero and legend in this modern world. The Bardic path, the path of the Storyteller and one of the threefold aspects of the Druidic path, can lend to our understanding of our history, our ancestors, and support us in reawakening and strengthening our creative spirit. Join me for a workshop designed to delight and inspire, to give a retreat from the world and a solid space of creativity to help find ourselves and our magic in a world that needs it so much. Together we will unearth the role of the Bard in Celtic society, uncover the myth and history Druidic spirituality, and work to identify and explore a practice of creativity and storytelling in our lives. Your ticket cost is $60, which covers the day long event as well as any materials, ticketing fees, and travel for the presenter. Lunch will be potluck, so please bring something to share, and dress for being outside in the October weather. Bring water and walking shoes as well as a notebook and something to write with. This workshop occurs before Samhain, so please bring an item to place on an ancestor altar that you will take home at the end of the workshop (photos are fine, but please make sure the photos do not have anyone living within them; photos for ancestor altars should only hold pictures of those deceased). Please use eventbrite to register unless sending a check or paying by Paypal. Please email to notify me of your desire to send a check or pay by Paypal and I will provide a confirmation and mailing address/link. You may pay the balance of the workshop on the 26th, but a $20 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space, as spaces are limited. Please email to make this arrangement as you will need to send a check or submit a Paypal payment. If you pre-register, a refund of the balance ($40) of your registration fee may be refunded if your cancellation request is received by the 23rd of October (3 days prior).

November 2019

November 17th 4-6pm

Energy Signature Workshop With Jody Levy

•       Symptoms are often the body’s way of telling us we are out of balance energetically, either emotionally and/or physically.

•       We each have a unique energy signature which influences our emotional and physical state of being.

•       Our energy signature tends to be where we are most likely to experience symptoms when we are out of balance.

•       As we see the patterns, we can balance our energy and support our wellbeing, emotionally and physically.

•       The energy signature is based on the Chinese medicine 5 Rhythms/Elements model which dates back over 2000 years.


During this 2.0 hour workshop, participants will:


•       Identify your own energy signature based on the 5 Rhythms model.

•       Learn to understand the mind-body connection through the lens of energy.

•       Increase your understanding of the root cause energetically of emotional and physical symptoms.

•       Learn and practice self-care tools to practice at-home to support your health and well-being.


Each participant will leave with a packet of self-care tools and the 5 Rhythm model will be made available for electronic delivery.

COST: $40 per person, which includes a color-bound 50 page workbook


For background information on Jody Levy, please visit